“Park Street”

Welcome to the Internet byway, “Park Street” (Park.St).

Do you live on Park Street at “1234 Park St.”?
Your email can be the same, “1234@Park.St”.

Private email accounts or email forwarders are available based on the World Wide Web domain “www.Park.St”.

No pop-ups, no advertising, no monitoring, no tag lines (unless you or your Internet Service Provider put it there).   Choose your name or “handle”:

  • 1234@Park.St (same as your snail-mail address)
  • First.Last@Park.St (actual name or nickname)
  • top-hat@park.st (“handle”)

Note: Upper Case and Lower Case letters in email addresses are treated the same by email servers.  A few  email reading/composing programs (a.k.a. “clients”) change email addresses to Lower Case automatically.

Please use the CONTACT form below to contact us for more information or to inquire about a “name” availability (our response and subsequent communications will be by direct email and NOT via this public website).  We will not publish your COMMENT for others to see (unless it is laudatory about the service we provide  :-))

Comments or questions are welcome. More importantly, tell us of your "Highway" email address interest.

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One comment on ““Park Street”
  1. Terry says:

    Is Linwood@park.st available?

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